Digitool GCk-01 Starter Kit, Alat patroli yang sudah lama beredar di indonesi, umum dipakai untuk hotel, area pertambangan dan perkatoran, dengan tehknologi button. design kokoh, tahan air. 


  • Operating Voltage And Current : Minimum 9.0V and 0.1 mA, Maximum 12V DC and 500 mA provided by AC/DC Adapter VERY LOW POWER CONSUMPTION
  • Uploading and Downloading Speed : 9600 Baud Speed High Speed Downloads And Uploads to PC
  • Connection to PC : Connects through 9-pin serial port to the PC INTEGRATES with CS-01, and GS-01 PC Software
  • Up/Downloading Speed : 9600 Baud Speed DOWNLOADS and UPLOADS to PC
  • iButton Tag Enrolling to PC : By Simply touching the location Tag on the contact of the GC-02 during PC Software in learn mode Learns Location tags to PC Software
  • Reader Charging Time : Battery Charge in 3 hours from empty full    For GC-01 Readers internal 1800 mAh Lithium-lon
  • Buzzer Sounder Indication : Internal Buzzer Indication: Beeps twice when the DigiTool is Inserted and once when removed.
  • Hardware Compability : Compatible With GC-01 Reader and GC-50 PSTN Remote Communicator DigiTool Legend Hardware
  • L.E.D. Indication : Orange=DigiTool out of Base ; Red=Connected and Charging ; Green=Battery Full   3-Color LED Indication
  • Water Resistance : Housing is Sealed from Water by grommets Water, Dust and Dirt resistant design
  • Data Read Speed : 0.001 seconds per read Provides a quick read of a Location Tag or Event button
  • Construction Materials : ABS Plastic  Nickel Plated Contacts TOUGH AND RUGGED
  • Operating Temperature : Minimum -32 C / 0 F , Maximum 90 C / 100 F , Applicable to most applications (100 Height, 82mm Width, 80mm Depth
  • Mechanical Dimensions : Wall mounted or Desktop
  • Unit Weight : 180 grams , Weighted Ballast for increased Stability